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Advisory Services

Model Tuning and Methodology

Independent tuning and validation of AML and Trade Surveillance models ensuring full regulatory coverage. We are agnostic to the underlying monitoring technology. Most importantly we make sure you can perform future tuning on your own by providing exhaustive documentation tailored to your Financial Institution

Software Implementation

Our expertise goes beyond functional support. We help you implement your solutions from the ground up. We are specialised in some of the most famous softwares such as Actimize. We adapt to your project's methodolgy to implement, configure and optimize Financial Crime Monitoring, RegTech and Machine Learning systems


Our understanding of the Financial Industry allows us to clearly map monitoring and KYC processes. Doing so, helps us identify inefficiencies impacting performance and increasing costs. Our team can automate processes so that your teams can focus on what matters most, instead of working on repetitive low added-value manual tasks. We can help you generate immediate ROI.

Target Operating Model

When it comes to Financial Crime and Compliance, we know all the challenges so we can advise you in designing, implementing and delivering a Target Operating Model that matches your vision. We will help you deliver value to your clients and stakeholders with the necessary scalability for future challenges.

  • Joseph has 15+ years of global experience overseeing the design and implementation of compliance frameworks and systems to enhance risk management in multiple industries (private banking, insurance, and energy). With deep expertise in Anti Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, KYC and Trade Surveillance monitoring, Joseph has worked at some of the biggest financial institutions in the world including major financial hubs in Europe, South East Asia and North America. While helping clients select, implement and tailor monitoring systems to meet regulatory requirements, Joseph also built, managed and personally trained Center of Excellence teams supporting monitoring solutions. He is currently focused on Machine Learning and Automation advising clients in improving existing system's performance while reducing operational cost.

About Conform-X

Established in 2021, Conform-X specialises in financial industries where regulatory requirements and conformity are key strategic competences. Conform-X provide the best advisory experts in the Compliance and Compliance IT domains

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